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Tickling is the Gateway to Sex

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Now let’s face it, tickling can be the conduit for many things.

It can make us surrender, whether we want to or not. It can be held against us if we are being interrogated by people who choose to use it to get us to talk. It can be used to reprimand us and put us back in line. It can be an unpleasant form of torture, even to the point of bringing us some slight pain. It can make us scream for mercy, buck up and down, laugh until we pee in our pants. It can humiliate us, yet make us continue laughing while in the midst of our own humiliation. It can demoralize us by forcing us to laugh and twitch against our will.

It can also make us wet in our most hidden erogenous zones. It can arouse us nearly to death. It can lead to many things and is the gateway to one of the most intimate journeys known to man.

Tickling is the magic bridge that hovers above our rivers of sexuality. Tickling is most definitely the gateway to sex.

Sometimes you won’t even know that tickling is leading you down its slippery erotic slope until you are in somebody’s arms and feeling that ticklish little poke at your libido. You may hear your partner chuckling with joy under their breath as they tickle you and you find yourself a delightful subject of their amusement.

It begins to turn you on, knowing that your partner finds your ticklishness so adorable and sexy. Your partner can’t help but tickle you even more because it makes them smile and laugh as well. By being so delightfully ticklish, you are bringing your partner joy. You may feel embarrassed perhaps, like your partner is laughing at you, but they are just laughing with you and underneath all the chuckles and giggles is extreme arousal.

You may begin to get a bit angry, as your partner continues to find all your ticklish places, but all you can do is laugh and moan. You really are not allowed to be angry, as your arousal slowly but surely wins out. Your frowns are very temporary and are quickly replaced by smiles and seductive feelings. You soon realize that you have fallen into the tickling quicksand. You struggle, going under very fast, your arms upstretched, trying to reach above the sensations that are pulling you under.

Your partner makes sure your arms stay that way, perfectly upstretched above your head. You are then at the mercy of your sensuality and your partner, who tickles you until they are ready to make love to you, pounce on you or do whatever the moment calls for. In any case, you are at that magic gateway between tickling and sex and it can be a wonderful experience.

Tickling is a lot of fun. It can be a terrific icebreaker, a fabulous courting method, a huge attention grabber and it can also make a person explode into instant laughter.

It can also elicit a hard slap on the face and angry reactions from some people. It is best to gauge the situation before tickling somebody.

Some ways to introduce tickling is to just see how your partner reacts when you touch them in certain places. See if they jump slightly or giggle. They may come right out and admit that they are ticklish. There are some people who do not like to admit to being ticklish because it makes them appear too vulnerable. Those people are sadly misinformed. Being ticklish just makes them sexier.

You could ask that very important question: Are you ticklish? Or perhaps you could write the question down in a romantic card after you have prepared a candlelight dinner for two.

As I previously stated, tickling can help to break the ice, especially during cuddling or making out. Although it can be very intense, it can often help relax a person afterwards. Tickling can bring intimacy to a whole new level. It can make it more fun and exciting, more romantic, and/or more sexual.

It can also be a terrific form of exploration. What better way to get to know your partner’s body before becoming intimate?

There are multiple ways to bring tickling into the equation. Once tickling is brought into the relationship, there are lots of fun and exciting ways to use it, especially if you want to get your partner or yourself in the mood. Tickling is after all, the gateway to sex. It is also the gateway to intimacy on many different levels.


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