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The Subject Is Armpits

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Okay, so you are surrendering to being tickled. It is time to raise up your arms and expose your armpits. Yes, I said armpits! Not underarms, armpits! Yes, I know that underarm sounds so much nicer than armpit, but the word armpit is more exciting. I mean, it must be, according to the looks on most people’s faces when I openly say the word armpit more than just in passing.

It is true. Some people look at me funny when I talk about armpits and frankly, that just makes me want to talk about armpits more. People are embarrassed to discuss armpits. It makes them blush and I find that so delightful.

People are funny. I mean, what is wrong with discussing armpits while having high tea at some fancy hotel, where everybody is wearing their conservative and very proper masks? I say, remove those masks and let’s discuss our armpits. No, I don’t want to discuss vaginas, or sex, or the latest diet fad. I want to discuss armpits!

I want to know, are your armpits ticklish? Hey all you high society ladies, tell me, does your husband seek out your armpits when you are in the privacy of your bedroom? Does he like to tickle them? When you argue with him and become all bitchy and uptight, does he strip you, pull your arms straight up over your head and exact his sweet ticklish revenge on your poor sensitive armpits? Does it make you angry when he tickles your armpits? Do you remain uptight and argumentative or do you find that you have no choice but to laugh and let go? Does it secretly arouse you, but you are too shy or embarrassed to admit it? Don’t be embarrassed. Armpits are a delightful and very ticklish topic.

Okay, all joking aside, at least I think I was joking. Well, with me, you never know. I am being kind of serious though. Armpits seem to be a delicate subject for many people and I can understand why.

For many people, the armpits are extremely sensitive and not necessarily ticklish. So, what is the best way to get a response when tickling your partner’s armpits?

Some people are more ticklish under their arms if the armpit is gently scratched or lightly caressed, rather than hard merciless tickling. Overzealous tickling under the armpits sometimes simply doesn’t tickle, but gentle fingers and light scratches can often be very successful and sometimes even torturous. I recommend tickling caresses, making sure not to stay in one area for too long. Make sure to tickle the outskirts of the armpits just as much and then sneak back under and begin tickling them directly once again, repeating this process over and over again until your partner is significantly aroused and you get the desired response.

One very effective way to make a woman’s armpit more ticklish is to flicker your tongue on her nipple while you teasingly caress her armpit, making sure her arm is stretched over her head. Use your mouth and tongue to make her nipple feel ticklish and play with her armpit simultaneously.

This technique works equally well for men and should be used often. The nipple and armpit duo can be a very intense tickling experience for those who are sensitive to the sensations it can cause.

The technique I just described can cause a funny little tickle in the genitals, awakening the libido very fast. It really can cause the genitals to feel ticklish if the nipples and armpits are properly and simultaneously dealt with. It will tickle down below if this technique is done right and it will be the most arousing little tickle you will ever experience.

Also, try dusting your partner’s armpits with a feather or feather duster. Dust gently on their nipples and armpits, going up and down their torso and sides, ending up back under their armpits again. Massage the armpits and nipples with the feathers and be consistent. There really is no reason to ever put a time limit on such an erotic activity.

In general, armpits are highly sensitive and should be treated and tickled with loving care. Otherwise, you will get a lot more ouches and a lot less laughter. The armpit is one of those parts of the body that sometimes cannot be tickled continuously in the exact same spot. It can hurt a bit after a while, or it can begin to feel uncomfortable and lose its ticklishness.

Armpits are also really sensitive to certain tickle tools, sometimes in not such a good way.

Many tickling videos show these sexy models having their armpits tickled by an electric toothbrush. As mentioned in an earlier chapter, the electric toothbrush under my armpit was a terrible experience. It hurt and made me almost scream out in pain. Everyone’s armpits are different in how they respond to different tickling tools and tickling in general.

One thing I have discovered regarding the electric toothbrush is that having some hair under the arms makes the vibrating bristles more bearable. The hair offers some layers of protection and allows the armpit to possibly experience the ticklish sensation of the electric toothbrush, provided it is done in a gentle manner, or in the manner in which the lee can handle.

So, what makes the armpits so fascinating to many tickle-fetishists? Well, if the armpit is ticklish, it is lots of fun to tickle and play with. The armpits are also very private. There is something almost mysterious about armpits as they manage to stay hidden a good deal of the time, leaving a lot to the tickle-fetishist’s imagination.

As discussed previously, even the mere act of raising one’s arms is a sign of being comfortable with oneself and ready for possible surrender to a partner.

Does anybody remember the scene from Dirty Dancing when Patrick Swayze was practicing dance moves with Jennifer Grey? When he would lift up her arm and run his hand seductively down her armpit, she would laugh uncontrollably and reflex would force her to lower her arm, therefore messing up the routine. I know that all the tickle-fetishists reading this will remember that scene. They repeated the move several times, and it tickled her and made her laugh, several times. It was just delightful, especially when it didn’t cause laughter anymore because it was becoming arousing. She was finally able to allow him to caress her armpit, even though it probably still tickled a great deal. In this case, the tickling brought them closer, even though Patrick Swayze’s character was aggravated at first by her uncontrollable laughter that kept messing up the routine.

Let’s talk about another possible scenario. Let’s say you are a guy and you are sitting and talking with a woman you find attractive. She is wearing a sleeveless shirt. She moves her hands when she speaks. She seems fairly comfortable, but her arms are down at her sides, hiding a very sensitive and unexposed part of her body.

A few minutes later, she smiles and sits back comfortably in her chair. She clasps her hands behind her head, exposing a part of herself that bears extremely sensual possibilities. If you have a tickling fetish or even just an armpit fetish, you may wonder if she is ticklish under her arms. You may be so tempted to find out. You might be wondering what it would be like to shave her or how it would make her feel if you buried your face in her armpit and kissed or nibbled it, or both. Would it tickle her if you were to do that? Would it arouse her?

She may have no idea what a provocative position she is sitting in. If she is not a tickle fetishist or she doesn’t particularly care about armpits, or if she is not in touch with certain aspects of her sensuality, she will really have no clue. People sit that way all the time. Armpit fetishists and tickle fetishists want to reach out and tickle their armpits. Most people might think that is strange and may have no idea why they would want to do such a thing.

This is what tickle-fetishists and armpit fetishists live with on a daily basis. Not every tickle-fetishist loves armpits, but when they do, it is arousing when people raise their arms. It may sound silly, but it is not silly and it is very real. Many tickle-fetishists have armpit fetishes, or a very strong fascination with them.

Just as a foot fetishist needs their partner to surrender their feet to them, an armpit fetishist will expect their partner to surrender their armpits. So, if you are in a relationship with an armpit fetishist, or a tickle fetishist who loves armpits, you had better raise up those arms and be prepared to surrender your armpits. Your armpits will no longer just be your own and your partner will most likely desire partial rights to them.

The armpits are so often sought after in a tickling session. They are a private sensitive area that in the world of tickling, almost always needs further exploration.

Think of how the armpit is suddenly exposed, especially in a tickling session. One moment, the lee has his/her shirt on and a moment later, the ler decides to remove that shirt, making sure to restrain the lee in the arms upstretched position.

Now the lee finds themselves in a very provocative position, armpits exposed and ripe to be tickled. It is a very sexy fantasy for a tickle-fetishist. With your arms up over your head, you are so much more exposed and more at the mercy of your partner. Even if your armpits are not ticklish, having them exposed makes for a much sexier experience.


(From “Let’s Talk About Tickling.”)


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