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The Dance Of The Ticklish Foot

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Have you ever noticed how a foot sits there so quietly, sometimes waiting for the sensation of tickling fingers to approach it? Or perhaps it has no idea that it is about to be conquered, tickled by wanton fingers that just can’t wait to explore its arches, toes and heels.

The foot takes on a life of its own and dances, as feathers and fingers tickle it and make it bow and surrender to all the sensations it is made to feel. The foot often looks as though it is bowing to the ler’s tickling fingers. The foot is often forced to bow and surrender as fingers spider tickle, caress, poke and scratch up and down ticklish soles and arches. The toes are often forced open when they helplessly try and curl. A determined ler might force the toes to remain tautly stretched into position, so that tickling fingers and other tickle toys can invade those devastatingly ticklish creases, that space that toes so desperately try to protect by curling.

The toes are basically helpless and will not win the battle. An experienced ler will not allow the toes to win. The toes are full of deliciously ticklish nerve endings and the ler will most likely exploit that fact, much to the lee’s ticklish dismay.

The feet are just so animated when they are tickled. The feet make it nearly impossible for many people to hide their ticklishness. When people are interrogated, I would imagine tickling the feet would be the best way to get some answers and to humiliate the subject by proving that they are ticklish and have very little self-control.

The poor foot and all its tickle woes. Well, I can’t feel too sorry for the fact that the foot suffers from so many ticklish moments in life. I mean, it is just so delightful to tickle that unsuspecting, vulnerable foot. I think the foot should be tickled all the time and that This Little Piggy should be a regular game in the bedroom.

Talking again about the inner child, it can bring such pleasure to someone as they wiggle their partner’s toes and hear the tiny giggles escape reluctantly from their partner’s lips. Oh yes, they try to fight the laughter. They try to hold it in and remain adult and composed. But the toes just don’t allow that kind of resistance for very long. The toes are sensitive and respond deliciously to wiggling and ticklish exploration.

Of course we can try and remain adult and composed, but where is the fun in that? Our feet are ticklish and that is just one of those amazing phenomena of life. It is very ticklish between our toes, but we must not forget about our anklebones. Anklebones are outrageously ticklish for some, myself included. The tops of the feet are also often overlooked, especially in tickling videos. Some people are more ticklish on the tops of the feet and the arches, than they are on the bottoms of their feet.

The balls of the feet can be extremely ticklish. Hairbrushes scrubbing the soles and the balls of the feet can cause unbelievable reactions in some, but not so much in others. Tickling the balls of the feet and the creases of the toes very hard using the fingers can cause lots of laughter. Gentle tickling works better for some, but extreme tickling on the balls of the feet can be very effective as well in some instances. Also, a gentle to firm knuckle massage on the balls of the feet can be quite ticklish. I don’t find pedicures particularly ticklish, but when the pedicurist massages the balls of my feet with her knuckles, it is torturous, in a good way of course. When she adds a little sugar scrub to the massage, it tickles like crazy.

Some people need a sharper touch like a fork or one of those instruments a doctor uses to test sensation. Sometimes a mere feather will do the trick, although it doesn’t work for all lees. The pointy end of the feather can often torture the poor foot and that avenue should definitely be explored. Some nice oil or lotion, followed by the tips of a fork sliding up and down the foot is often successful. Another fun thing to try is running silk underwear or a scarf between the toes, or even a rope between the toes. Those things can cause lots of ticklish sensations. Gently biting, sucking or nibbling the toes also works. Dangling a pair of house keys along the anklebones or anywhere else on the foot can tickle pretty darn good. Then, there is always good old-fashioned fingers.

Another thing to try before tickling the feet is to scrub them with a light cloth. Wet the cloth and clean the feet. Often, the sensation of having the feet scrubbed will cause a lot of laughter.

One thing that works amazingly well with feet is an electric toothbrush. The vibrating bristles of the electric toothbrush can cause the feet to thrash around almost violently, forcing the poor lee to laugh and respond with ultimate pleasure. The toes respond beautifully to the electric toothbrush. I recommend beginning with a low setting on the toothbrush. It is a very intense sensation and you want to be sure the lee can handle it and that it actually tickles. It can be a very ticklish sensation. It can also be arousing and addictive. Just be sure that it is causing the lee pleasure and tickles, rather than pain or an unpleasant sensation. Everybody responds differently to various tickle tools.

A foot fetish does seem to be very prevalent in the world of tickling and they often go together. The same is true for an armpit fetish, which I will be discussing shortly.

An important thing to remember is that the foot fetishist will have a healthy, yet somewhat intense fascination with their partner’s foot, and if they have a tickling fetish as well, things can become very intense for a sought-after pair of ticklish feet.

If you are someone who has a partner with a foot fetish, tickling fetish or both, you must be prepared to surrender your feet. You must understand that your feet are no longer just your own. Your partner wants partial ownership of your feet. They will want to tickle your feet whenever they want, and massage and play with your feet as well. You might as well face your ticklishness because your partner will make you face it anyway, every time they desire to play with your feet. Prepare to have your feet scrubbed, licked, massaged, poked, prodded, examined and tickled in many different ways. Prepare to have your toes sucked and bitten. Yes, teeth can be very ticklish in the creases of the toes, but extremely erotic and sensual. Prepare to have your toes wiggled. Toes are just too irresistible for the foot fetishist and tickle fetishist.

Here’s another fun scenario. Just imagine the ticklish wife who wakes up giggling in the morning as her feet are involuntarily twitching. Her husband loves to awaken her with some early morning feet tickles before he goes to work. She argues and fights him, warning him never to tickle her feet again that early in the morning, but he just can’t help himself and her feet are always so delightfully responsive to his early morning tickles. She can’t help but to laugh and respond. She might even become aroused if she lets herself and want to make love to her husband minutes later. The tickling annoys her, but also tames her. Tickling of the feet can often do that to a person.

Having the feet tickled in private is one thing. However, having the feet tickled in front of others, where the most obvious reaction would be to try and remain composed, well, that can be torturous. The feet are often the most difficult to control because they respond so easily to tickling. An example of public feet tickling would be a pedicure. The pedicurist is not trying to tickle the feet, but when the feet feel ticklish, the laughter is hard to hold in and it can become a very amusing, if not slightly embarrassing pedicure. What about if a family member or friend starts tickling your feet and others are around? The foot controls the person being tickled, not the other way around. The foot seems to almost have a mind of its own, which is often quite unfortunate for the person with very ticklish feet.

What about foot exams? I can tell you from personal experience how ticklish foot exams can be. My doctor tests my feet for sensation using a sharp object. One day, the object touched one of my toes the wrong way and I let out a fit of laughter that I could not believe. The doctor continued for a few moments, moving the object away from the ticklish area, but she only succeeded in hitting an area that was doubly ticklish, causing me to convulse with hysterical laughter. I had no control and I think I shocked the hell out of my doctor. The most unfortunate thing is that she stopped. I would like to have had her continue because I really had never felt a sensation like that. It was so intense and caused me to laugh like never before.

Feet are so sensual and alive. Tickling likes feet and although feet often try to resist tickling, it’s to no avail.

If someone is hesitant about having their feet tickled, be gentle and loving about it. Go slowly and teach your partner about erotic feet tickling, one toe at a time.

Sometimes, if someone is nervous about having their feet tickled, it is wise to begin with a soothing and relaxing massage. Use body butter, sugar scrub or a nice oil. That will cause the foot to feel more ticklish. A massage helps to relax a person and might even make the tickling more erotic and bring on feelings of intense arousal instead of just uncontrollable laughter. Adding erotic feelings to the mix can make having the feet tickled a much more comfortable experience. Remember, always treat the feet with loving care and get to know the feet of your partner. Find out what they don’t like as well as what drives them crazy, although that advice is true when tickling all body parts.


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    LOVED this post! Thank you for writing so eloquently about a part of the female anatomy that has ALWAYS mesmerized me. I still have much trouble staying focused during the summer months when it seems like EVERY SINGLE WOMAN is out to drive me INSANE with their perfectly pedicured feet in the most amazing of sandals, flip flops, and high heels. I have both the blessing and curse of a foot and tickle fetish. Your writings really help me feel not so abnormal in my desire to admire the dance of the ticklish foot 🙂 Thank you again, Veronica, for a piece well written.

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