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Review From The Paperback Pursuer

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“Let’s Talk About Tickling” received a very nice review from The Paperback Pursuer’s Allizabeth Collins. Check it out. I also got to do a guest post. You can also go directly to the review and read my guest post by clicking here.

          “About two years ago, I decided to take a leap outside of my comfort zone and read Veronica Frances’ Tickling Daphne H., my first foray into erotic tickling fiction. As I admitted in my review of Tickling Daphne H, I had never imagined that tickling was a turn-on, let alone a form of sexual pleasure and/or torture, but the way that Veronica’s characters interacted and used tickling in various ways, even in their daily lives, opened my eyes to the adult uses of tickling; perhaps less innocent versions than my previous associations, but nonetheless intriguing. So when I heard about Veronica’s Let’s Talk About Tickling, a nonfiction heart-to-heart about tickling and its uses in and out of the bedroom, I figured that it might be interesting to learn more about tickling and why it is such a sensual and erotic mechanism for so many people. I was right. It is indeed interesting, especially because of the personal, down-to-earth, humorous, detailed, and easily readable way that Veronica discusses tickling. She presents topics in such a way that they seem natural, sensual, and doable, unlike books on similar topics where the thought of actually “taking action” is stress-inducing. I actually found myself relating to some of the material presented, particularly the sections about “tickling with words” and “tickling paradoxes”, contemplating how tickling could potentially play a role in my own life. No, this book did not inspire me to run to the nearest craft store for a jumbo pack of multi-colored feathers, but it did tickle my curiosity. Overall, Let’s Talk About Tickling was a great read, and I have already recommended it to several friends who would like to give the “tickling thing” a try.”
Allizabeth Collins


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