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Say Hello To Your Inner Child

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Your inner child awaits you. We are ticklish children and then we grow up. Life becomes more cynical, real, challenging and cluttered. We watch the news and shudder, seeing all of the horrors that we were most likely protected from as children. We eventually had to grow up. We had no choice. Many of us have led difficult and challenging lives. Some of us are happier than others.

When life becomes difficult and sad and when we lose ourselves in our own tangled adulthood, there is that little child inside of us who is just longing to come out and play. We are all children grown up. Our minds and bodies have matured, sometimes a little too much, and we long to dance around in the playground of innocence again.

Laughter is a major necessity on the road to happiness. When we feel that smile begin to form on our lips, we feel an inner tickle. We feel joy and that amazing sensation that can come from letting go and actually allowing ourselves to be happy. Say hello to your inner child, and let it tickle.

Tickling is a form of play for children and adults. Adults can become turned on by tickling, or just find it amusing and fun. Whatever the case may be for each individual, tickling is an important tool for intimate bonding. For children, it is more about the parents and other family members bonding with them. For adults, it is a fabulous way to enjoy some of that childhood feeling of bonding with an adult partner or friend we care about and enjoy spending time with.

Your inner child needs to laugh and get out of its adult cage every now and then. What better way to achieve that than tickling? Whether you are the one being tickled, or whether you are doing the tickling, there will be smiles, laughter and giggles. When you tickle someone, you are privy to numerous delightful reactions from that person. It is hard not to smile yourself when someone else is smiling and laughing.

Tickling doesn’t always cause laughter. It doesn’t matter. There is a smile that occurs on the face of your inner child, whether you are actually laughing or not. Giggling now and then while twitching and blushing is an equally exciting reaction.

Courting your partner should involve exposing their inner child. Tickling them is a surefire way to do that. If they dislike being tickled, it is my opinion that there is some piece of them that is locked away or afraid. Some people simply can’t handle the sensations and that is when a very patient partner comes in handy. Tickling can also be just a very erotic and loving touch that is gentle and kind.

As children, we are sometimes tickled roughly and our requests for the tickling to stop are often ignored. Maybe we were tickled inappropriately, with no regard for our feelings, or were not ever made aware that there was a more loving and gentle side to tickling.

It is important to recognize that, as adults, we can experience joy from accessing our inner child and still let go of a lot of the negativity that came from our childhoods, especially regarding tickling. We have the power to experience our inner child with our partners and friends. We can learn to trust again and feel safe as adults. We just need to let go and laugh, love and be free to become the beautiful sensual beings that we are.

Another thing you can try, if you are really confident that things are going well in a relationship, is to ask your partner if you can meet their inner child. Now, most people will not feel comfortable enough to do this, but it happens to be one of my biggest tickling fantasies. The idea that a man would actually tell me that he wants to meet my inner child and ask me if he could bring her out with a little tickling, well, that would make me melt on the spot.

Unfortunately, so many of us are not even aware that we have an inner child. We are so stuck in the day-to-day grind of life. We can’t see past the hustle and bustle of our hectic, challenging lives and our own ego and need to remain in constant control of ourselves and our emotions.

We are afraid to let go and lose control, to let down our hair and let our inner child out. We are often afraid of our inner child, calling to us from deep within, tickling us, teaching us how to rediscover those lost parts of ourselves. Our inner child waits patiently, needing so badly to escape the internal prisons we have built.


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